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Renting a property from Amber Homes

If you’re new to renting the process can be a daunting; What location is best? How much can I afford a month? Will I be eligible for this property? At Amber Homes our highly trained property professionals will guide you through the process, from that first viewing to the tenancy end date we will be on hand to ensure your renting experience is a positive one.

Tenants frequently asked questions:

Where can I view properties to rent?
You can view our available properties on our website, we also advertise on property portals. Once you have found the property you would like to view you can call our office and arrange the appointment.

View our available properties here

I’ve viewed a property; how do I apply?
If you have viewed a property that you would like to rent, then you will be required to complete an application form (the form can be found on our property brochures, on the online property advert, on our website). You will need to provide information about your employment, previous address’s, current landlord information and credit history. We are also required to check your eligibility to live in the UK, so ensure that you have ID readily available.

Once the initial application form has been submitted, you will then be sent an online form to complete, through a third party referencing company.

The tenancy will be granted subject to you passing a reference check, so if you have any adverse credit which may show on a credit check, then it is best to declare this when submitting your application form.

Do I need a guarantor?

In some cases, a landlord may require you to have a guarantor, this is most common if your earnings are not deemed high enough to cover the rent or if you have adverse credit history.

What is the Holding Deposit?
A holding deposit (equivalent to one weeks rent) is payable upon your request to rent a property. The purpose of the holding deposit is to reserve the Property for the Applicant whilst the Landlord/Agent completes the referencing process and the terms of the tenancy and any guarantee agreement are negotiated. The Property will be reserved subject to the Landlord receiving satisfactory replies to referencing checks, Right to Rent checks and other pre-tenancy enquiries.

The holding deposit will not be refunded to the Applicant where:

  1. The Applicant does not have a ‘right to rent’ a property (under Part 3 of the Immigration Act 2014) and the Landlord or his Agent did not know, and could not reasonably have been expected to know this, before the holding deposit was accepted;
  2. The Applicant provides false or misleading information, and the Landlord or his Agent is reasonably entitled to take into account the Applicant’s actions in providing false or misleading information or the difference between the false and correct information in deciding whether to grant a tenancy to the Applicant;
  3. The Applicant notifies the Landlord or letting agent before the Deadline for Agreement that the Applicant does not want to enter into a tenancy agreement;
  4. The Landlord or his Agent takes all reasonable steps to enter into a tenancy agreement before the Deadline for Agreement, but the tenant fails to take all reasonable steps to enter into the agreement before that date.

  5. How much deposit do I need to pay?
    Landlords will require a tenancy deposit to be paid before the tenancy commences, the deposit amount is dependent on the property you’re applying for and is listed on the property advert (usually up to a maximum of 5 weeks rent).

    When a deposit is paid to us it is secured in a government backed tenancy deposit protection scheme. Amber Homes currently secures deposits in The Deposit Protection Service (custodial scheme).

    What happens on the ‘move in’ day?
    Before we can hand over the keys to your new property you will be required to visit our office and sign the relevant tenancy documents; Tenancy Agreement, Inventory, Deposit Information and other prescribed information. All tenants and guarantors will be required to be present at the move in appointment. The first months rent will be payable 48 hours in advance of the move in day.

    How do I report a maintenance issue?
    If you have a maintenance issue at a property that we manage then you should report it immediately. We ask that you report all maintenance via our online maintenance software on our website click here

    What are my responsibilities?
    Your tenancy should be conducted in line with the points set out in the tenancy agreement. In brief, your responsibilities as a tenant are to pay the rent by the date specified in the tenancy agreement, pay household bills on time, report damage/maintenance issues promptly and maintain the cleanliness of your property.

    I want to move out; how do I end my tenancy?
    If you wish to leave then you will be required to serve a written notice to our office, the length of notice that is required is usually set out in the tenancy agreement. You will usually be required to provide one months notice from the rent due date. You should tell us as soon as you have decided to move out so we can help with your next steps.

    Membership of an Ombudsman scheme

    Amber Homes are a fully regulated company and member of The Property Ombudsman (TPO). We adhere to their code of practise, allowing for real peace of mind for all the clients we serve. For more information please visit

    Client Money Protection Membership Scheme

    Amber Homes are registered to Client Money Protect: CMP is a Client Money Protection Membership Scheme for Property Agents to protect their clients' money against the theft or misappropriation of the client money by the Member's owners.