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Life after lockdown – What will it look like? Will anything go back to the way it was before?

There are some signs of hope and optimism starting to show across the UK and Europe as we all strategically plan how to safely head out of lockdown. 

During the lockdown, we’ve already seen the property market adapt and change to the evolving situation. It’s unlikely that every change will stick, some however, are here to stay.

I wanted to find out what buyers will add to their wishlists once we have navigated this tricky period. Closely following industry news, speaking with buyers and delving into Rightmove data, I was surprised to learn that buyers have already begun to alter their search criteria. 

Homeworking – Above all else, I noticed the desire for a home-office or working space. Expected to become more popular, as many businesses (including ours) realise working from home doesn’t have to affect productivity when combined with some fantastic technology. Home-offices, spare rooms and/or outbuildings will be in higher demand.  

Outside Space – During the lockdown, most of us have come to appreciate our outside space a lot more. Some trying their hand at a vegetable garden, some tackling bigger projects to pass the time. Considering an increase in home working, we expect to see the pull of rural locations to feature in buyers search criteria.

Fitness Space – After the huge success of virtual fitness classes, many gyms are planning to roll them out as part of a schedule post lockdown. Looking at user statistics of these online classes, many may opt to designate a space in their home for a make-shift studio. Searches for integral garages, outbuildings and spare rooms will become increasingly popular. 

Minimalism - Sociologists are predicting a rise in the way of life which sees people strive for less material things and reduced financial burdens. Whilst the majority of searches will focus on more space, some may look to focus on useable space rather than space to store unnecessary ‘stuff’. 

Family and friends – It’s fair to say that we’ve all taken a few things for granted, a day out at the football, a trip to the cinema or slice of cake at our favourite café. One thing you don’t need to a crystal ball to predict is the value of spending time with friends and family when safe to do so. We anticipate demand for social space such as a large dining kitchen or patio ideal for hosting. 


Whatever happens after lockdown, we expect that our industry, like many others, will look very different (in the most part, for the better). We will enjoy more technology, the freedom of home working and a greater appreciation for our friends, family and the home we live in.

Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives.

Thank you for reading - Matt