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Are you in the market at the moment or thinking about it once this crazy time has ended?  

Maybe you’re wondering what you could be doing right now or exactly this means for you and your families plans - You’re not alone. 

In this article, I will share what I’ve learnt in the past few weeks from speaking with buyers, sellers, industry leaders, other local agents, mortgage advisors and solicitors. 



“I’m selling, what should I do?”

Be Patient 

At this time, patience is key. Viewings can't go ahead under current guidelines but keep in mind that you aren’t losing any ground to your competition and you won’t miss out on that dream home as they can’t show anybody around either.

Buyer Activity 

There is still demand. I’m handling multiple viewing requests daily. Speak to your agent, make sure they’re still available to engage with potential buyers. When it is safe to resume viewings, you want an orderly queue of buyers on the front garden (Remaining at least 2m apart) 

Testing the water

Offers are still coming in. Some better than others. There are a few opportunist buyers out there that are looking to capitalise on media speculation. If you receive an offer, lower than market value, I would advise you to be patient, if you can. You are likely to receive a better offer when viewings can resume.  

Taking a break 

You could… But whilst buyers are registering enquiries it wouldn't be my advice. If you are motivated to move, it’s impossible to find a buyer from off the market. If your motivated by the best price and think a break is for you, it’s useful to know that the ‘new listing’ promotion from sites like Rightmove and Zoopla’s promotion, will not be applied unless you take at least 14 weeks away from the market.  

Improving My Price 

Looking at the statistics, price changes are having very little effect. There is a window shortly after a price change where it is effective in generating offers. Without new viewings, offers are generally poor in quality and you will lose the momentum boost a price change gives. 



 "I’m looking to buy, is now a good time?”


Get a headstart by registering your details now, you will be the first in line for a viewing. When we can offer viewings safely again, we’ll prioritise those whos positions and availability we know. 

Virtual Viewings

You might be surprised to find things have moved on since discoloured newspaper listings. Agents have been working with sellers to acquire virtual tours and offer FaceTime/WhatsApp viewings. You can save precious time by virtually shortlisting now.  

Time to Prepare 

Often, a buyer finds a home, then rushes to source a mortgage agreement with their bank. Use this time to get good, independent advice, shop around and find a mortgage deal that will benefit you for years to come. Most self-employee mortgage advisors are still working hard to help those sourcing new mortgages and those who need product transfer/payment holiday advice. 

Interest Rates 

If you’re a buyer and haven't heard the news about interest rates -where have you been? If you are using a mortgage to purchase a home, now is a great time. The accumulative effect of the current interest rate over a mortgage term could be into tens of thousands of pounds. 

“What do you think will happen to the market?”

As far as FAQ’s go, this has topped the list in the past few weeks.  

I keep myself up to date with industry news and the wider world as much as possible and it’s my belief is that the pent-up supply from the market ‘pause’ will meet the demand assisted by job retention schemes and lower outgoings.   

Hundreds of homes are listed across Derbyshire every week. Families out-grow homes, the stairs become difficult and people relocate. The ‘lockdown’ has put a temporary hold on moving plans, but there will still be a backlog of movers wanting to be settled by Christmas. 


“I’m buying at the moment, what should I do?”   

Fantastic news! In my opinion, you should continue with your purchase. Take advantage of the interest rates, speak to your mortgage advisor and double-check no better deals are available. Markets change for the better and the worse, there will always be risk. At some point, it becomes about a place to call home.  

“We were getting ready to put our home on the market, what should we do?”  

It’s important to consider the timing whenever you’re selling a home - Even more so at present. If you put your home on the market whilst viewing arrangements are awkward, you’re likely to waste the initial momentum. Too late and you may miss the serge of pent up demand.

Strike up a trusting relationship with your agent now, by letting them know you intend to list your home with them. That way you will get the very best advice from someone close to the action. 

Can I help you? 

If you’re buying, selling or planning and your question wasn’t answered above - Please feel free to get in touch. I hope to provide you with clear, easy to understand advice. 

Call or email me - 01773 749972 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Thank you for reading - Matt


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