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Many people typically view winter as the worst time of year to sell property. It’s commonly believed that the market is quiet through the months of winter, with less active buyers and with fewer properties in the market to move on to. 

Eating healthier, exercising more and taking up a new hobby often top the list for new year’s resolutions. The first weeks of January energise us all, especially those looking to move home. There’s always a significant demand spike in the property market, with sites such as Rightmove reporting 10 million more site visits between 2nd - 8th Jan 18 than 26th Dec and 1st Jan 18. 

To help you get ahead, we share a few simple tips helping you to take advantage of the bustling New Year market. 

Remove Decorations 
If you have booked your photo’s, make sure all decorations are down. Decorations make rooms look smaller and they effect your usual colour scheme and styling. It also stains the agent’s photos should your search for a buyer extend into spring. A great set of photos is the foremost way to attract buyers.  

Clear Up Clutter
The Christmas period brings a whole host of festive debris. Once the left over's from Christmas dinner have gone, bring forward your spring clean and have a good sort out. Unnecessary clutter and mess makes rooms look and feel smaller as well as possibly giving an impression of untidiness. Untidiness will force the buyer into the analytical state of mind, which will negatively effect any offer they wish to make.  

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Carry Out Last Minute Repairs 
Make use of the time off getting to some of that DIY you’ve been putting off. I wrote an article The 20 Biggest Property Turn Off's which cited disrepair as the third biggest put off for buyers. When a property is in a state of disrepair it can
be expensive to rectify, and some buyers may not have the available funds to carry out the works after the cost of moving. For larger works, make sure a professional is appointed that can provide a guarantee. 

Make It Cosy
Buyers will be attracted by a warm and cosy home. They will start to picture themselves in front of the fire on those cold winter evenings. Clever use of rugs and blankets can really soften the harshness of a UK winter. Typically assign rugs to any hard flooring and blankets on all the sofas and beds. With a reduced amount of light throughout the day, viewings often take place in the dark. If you end up with a viewing in the dark, make sure every bulb in the house is working, you have lamps to each room and you light candles in some. Candles have the additional benefit of fragrance!

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Other Considerations 
If you do receive an attractive offer in the busier January market, make sure the buyers are qualified before you commit to sell. You will be aggrieved to realise the buyers weren’t qualified and need to back out meaning you missed the January traffic.  

If you've resolved to move in the new year and would like any advice in relating to presentation, price or property promotion, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

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