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Selling property can sometimes be difficult. Some sellers have their homes on the market for months on end with a lack of enquiries and no real end in sight. With so many moving parts from marketing conditions to uninspiring photography, it can be hard to identify exactly what’s going wrong.  

Whether you're on the market now or your planning a move next year this article will help you to attract buyers that will fall in love with your home. 

According to a survey conducted by GoCompare home insurance here are the top 20 turn-off’s:

1 Damp stains on walls and ceilings 69%
2 Bad smells (damp/food/cigarettes/pets) 63%
3 Property in a state of disrepair (rotten window frames/peeling paintwork) 59%
4 No parking 56%
5 Broadband blackspot 53%
6 Unfinished building work 53%
7 No garden 52%
8 Property not connected to mains gas 51%
9 Rubbish strewn in neighbouring gardens 48%
10 A dirty house 46%
11 Outdated electricals/wiring  46%
12 Poor natural light/dark rooms  43%
13 Dilapidated neighbouring property 43%
14 Proximity to major road or motorway 43%
15 Small room sizes  40%
16 Small kitchen  39%
17 Bad DIY  38%
18 Student let next door 37%
19 Old boiler or central heating system 37%
20 Stone cladding, render or pebble dash on exterior walls 31%

Almost every bit of research carried out on this subject has buyers citing damp, odour and disrepair as the top three biggest put-offs.


It’s no surprise that nearly 70% of buyers see damp as their biggest turn-off, it can be expensive to rectify and it can indicate further problems throughout the house. Arrange to have the works carried out by a company that will offer a guarantee that can be passed on to the new owners.

Bad Smells

Overcoming unpleasant odours is easy, it’s just hard to accept. It’s never a conversation I like having, however, it is for the seller’s benefit. With 63% of buyers saying they’d be put off by an unpleasant smell, it’s essential you don’t bury your head (nose) in the sand. 


Similar to damp, when a property is in a state of disrepair it can be expensive to rectify and some buyers may not have the available funds to carry out the works after the cost of moving.

We’ve not kept count but over the thousands of viewings we’ve carried out, we’ve also noticed that Illegal Improvements, Overgrown Gardens and Poor Energy Efficiency can also be big 
put-offs for buyers.

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