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10 Steps to Home Staging

you are already on the market or preparing your property to list, our 10 step guide to staging your home will be definitely worth your time.

Home Staging… What is it?

Home Staging is more commonly known as Interior Design. It's the art and science of enhancing interiors, sometimes including the exterior, of a space or building, to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the end user. In our case, the buyer!

“Well it doesn’t matter, buyers aren’t purchasing our furniture”

Whilst a valid point, the above comment is one we get a lot of and whilst it is accurate it’s this mentality that will prevent you getting the best price possible for your property. Buyers want and need to fall in love with your property. Its hard to fall in love with a property that is empty or is poorly presented.

We recommend having the interior of your property ready for the listing photography. The buying experience starts on sites like Rightmove and Zoopla so maximise your viewing requests by having your property displayed to its best prior to your photos.

1. Paint

Simple but effective. A fresh lick of paint throughout a property can have a massive impact on buyers first impressions of your property.

2. Paint small rooms lighter colours to make them feel bigger

If you have some rooms in your property that are smaller than average then paint them in a light neutral colour. Lighter colours make a room seem bigger than a dark or loud colour.

+ Add art to white painted walls – If you have chosen white or a cream colour then fill voids of space with plain artwork, ideally with a background that matches the wall colour.

3. Create a focal point

Reduce the visual noise in each room by creating a focal point.

Give your focal point the leading role, of course, there will be supporting roles, but assign only one leading role!

A Kitchen’s focal point could be a range cooker with a complimentary splashback and extractor, a log burner in the Living Room could be supported by hanging lights supporting, not distracting, attention from the focal point.  

4. Add layers of lighting

By adding different layers of lighting you will make the most boring of rooms atmospheric.

In addition to the ‘big light’ add different layers of lighting such as supporting spotlights, lamps, above art work, under base and wall units in a kitchen, behind TV units, in cabinets etc.

5. Use mirrors to add light 

Adding well-placed mirrors will add instant light to your living space, creating a further illusion of space, useful for smaller cottage style properties.

Not only useful in a small room but placed correctly in a large room or a room with a lack of natural light, a mirror placed opposite a window will reflect natural light into the living space. 

Whilst mirrors will differ in size, its recommended that 57” to 63” from the floor is the optimum height for the centre of the mirror.

6. Retain period features

Original features have a warmth and charm that is unmistakable. If your property has original features, make the most of them! Of course, period features can be your focal point.

Unless the property is listed then simply finding the rough era your property was built in will give you a start. Find other features, accessorise even furniture to compliment the features

Consider your market, if your market is young families, don’t go overboard trying to add supporting furniture.

7. Use rugs to soften hardwood floors

Hardwood floors are beautiful, stylish and easy to maintain but they can lack the comfort carpeted floors offer, especially in our winter months. Rugs covering a large area can add a softer, functional feel to your living space.

Use a mixture of patterns, textures, colours, use the same colour many times, change the colour to match the seasons. The options go on and on. If you don’t like it, get rid of it!

8. Give your furniture room to breathe

Don’t overcrowd! Think about leaving room to maneuverer with ease, filling space with furniture is counterproductive for property styling and for your pocket!

With the money you save, you could invest more in the piece you are buying, or upgrade what you already have.

Better quality pieces of furniture will stand out better if they are not fighting for attention.

9. Clean

A staple of any well-presented property, however, if you are listing your property for sale we recommend one extremely deep clean, followed by regular cleaning throughout your sale process.

Professionally clean your carpets – Even with a strict shoes off policy, winter see’s mud/dirt dragged through your property and summer attracts more visitors. All in all your carpets bear the brunt. Having your carpets professional cleaned will restore them to close to brand new.

Another one bites the dust! - Halloween is just around the corner but that’s no excuse for cobwebs.

Kitchens & Bathrooms should be the cleanest rooms in the house. Not an excuse for the other rooms to be upside down but make sure you assign a large proportion of your time to the Kitchen and Bathrooms.

10. Kill the clutter

When it comes to prepping your property for sale, the best of intentions can be killed by unnecessary ‘stuff’. Don’t muddle your shelves, sides, tables with knick-knacks. Instead, try grouping a few specifically chosen items to add to the room.

In a snug, for example, remove or store the 80 books of varying condition and place 3-5 books of a good condition, propped up by a candle, vintage camera or that snow globe you never thought you’d use (if nothing else it’s a conversation starter).

Instead of scattering family photos, a section of wall dedicated to telling a story. This will leave further room for accessorising and leave the room feeling minimalistic, clean and tidy.

Whilst far from conclusive, we hope you enjoyed reading '10 Steps to Home Staging'.

If you would like any further advice please do not hesitate to contact me. 

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