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Whether you are already on the market or preparing your property to list, our 10 step guide to improving kerb appeal will definitely be worth your time.

“Kerb Appeal”

A phrase coined by Estate Agents and homeowners referring to the aesthetics of your property.

Sounds simple? We think so! However, 100’s of sellers in the UK put their property on the market per day with poor presentation both internally and externally.

In this guide, we will provide 10 tips to transform the exterior of your property, followed by the interior tips in our next free offering.

As agents, we will use your front external to head up all of our advertising, for window cards, for online advertising, and for the brochure.

Then it stands to reason… A poor external shot will produce poor results, putting off could be buyers the minute they lay eyes on the marketing materials.

Our 10 tips could be carried out the weekend before you enter the market, at relatively little cost.

1. Front Garden

If you have a front or wrap around garden then it is essential that you spend a day mowing, trimming, pruning, raking, sweeping until presentable. Albeit finding a dry day in the UK will be more of a challenge than the gardening itself!

If you don’t have much of a frontage, potted plants, trellises or hanging baskets will do the trick as long as they are well maintained. 

2. Driveway

If your driveway is cracked, stained or has vegetation sprouting from it then a refresh is advised. As you will be moving, you may feel this would be a wasted cost, in that case, attempt to repair the cracks, pressure wash the stains and remove what vegetation is left after the pressure wash (hopefully not much).

3. Pathways

Pathways are a fantastic way of making your home feel inviting. If you are installing a new one make it contoured, avoid block paved straight lines. If your pathway is already installed apply some TLC, remove any vegetation, use a paint brush (or pressure washer) to remove dirt from the grouting and/or replace any loose stones or pebbles.

+ Install lighting – lighting along a pathway looks fantastic when done correctly. We’re not suggesting a security light fit for a prison, but some stylish solar powered lights will do just fine.

4. Paint, Renew or Replace your front door

Depending on your budget or time constraint, we recommend either painting, renewing or replacing your front door, at the very least it deserves a clean.

 Renewing a material door will be reasonable financially, however heavily time-consuming.
 Replacing your front door will be relatively costly but outsourcing will not consume your time
 Re-Painting the front door will be cost effective but slightly time-consuming
✔ Cleaning is non of the above!

If you are painting or replacing your front door, here’s a useful app… Front Door Paint App

+ Don’t forget the bell’s and whistles Once you’ve made your choice make sure to replace old door numbers, name plaques, old door handles, handrails etc.

5. Cover your meter boxes!

If your home has exposed meter boxes to the front elevation then don’t worry, it's nothing a well placed potted plant cant sort! A meter box to a side elevation could be well hidden behind a purpose-built bin or wood store.

6. Guttering and Downpipes

The first priority is functionality, making sure they are complimentary to your property is a near run second. Newly built properties tend to be fitted with a low maintenance PVCu, however, older properties are better suited to a traditional material like cast iron.

7. Sofits and Fascias

As with the guttering and downpipes, making the soffits and fascia’s complimentary should be prioritised. Where the material is adaptable, it would worthwhile applying paint/treatment saving any potential buyers a trip up the ladder and giving one less reason to negotiate.

8. Windows

Whilst replacing your windows can be expensive, vinyl frame wrapping isn’t!

If your windows have seen better decorative days but are still functional then you can have them professionally wrapped at a fraction of the cost. (typically one seventh of the cost)

This is also useful if your windows aren’t exactly complementary to your property.

+ Replace - any broken or misted double glazed panels

9. Garden

A well maintained and landscaped garden will undoubtedly appeal to most target markets.

Exactly as the front garden, take time to mow, trim, prune, rake andsweep.

Traditionally agents will lead with a low to high shot of the front elevation, however with recent advances in technology, using a drone to capture an aerial photo of the plot is becoming an increasingly effective way of gaining interest.

To take full advantage of these high-quality aerial shots, make sure the grounds of your property are well kept.

10. Cleaning the roof of your conservatory

Whilst not applicable to every seller, cleaning the roof of your conservatory prior to listing is an absolute must!

A large build-up of mould/dirt may lead to an unsightly aerial shot, giving potential buyers the wrong impression and a reason to negotiate a replacement.

Whilst far from conclusive, we hope you enjoyed reading '10 steps to kerb appeal'.  

If you would like any further advice please do no hesitate to contact us.

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